Our last visit to Vung Tau, Vietnam July 2015. Taking lots of goodies with us.

Our Project 18 was born  http://ourproject18.com.au/

It was going to be a project from Paige turning 16 in 2013 until she turned 18 in July 2015. We have had our hearts touched to greatly not to continue doing what we can to help, even a little bit plus we enjoyed meeting the children and covering them in smoochie kisses along with raising $20 000 so will continue fundraising long after Paige's 18th.

We have started a bike project which helps the children get to school instead of walking up to 4 hours a day. This is the project we focus on more now, the joy on these kids faces when they receive a bike is a joy worth seeing.

The first 5 of our little chickens to receive bikes from Our Project Pushbike 

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what is very dear to not only Paige & myself but also to our entire family. 

Love Sharon, Paige and Our Project 18

Our second trip 2015 when Paige turned 18

 Our first trip  in 2013 when Paige turned 16

Our first trip  in 2013 when Paige turned 16