Your Little Bit Goes A Long Way

To all my delicious Brides and Grooms

Thank you for choosing me, and as you know because I tell you in our first meeting, in return I do a little thing called Pay it forward you can have a little look-see here.

   Thank YOU because YOU bought two more pushbikes    Our Project 18 Pushbike

I became a celebrant and felt so happy I was doing something I absolutely loved it went hand in hand with paying all good things forward,  a part of my fee that YOU pay goes to Our Project 18.

OP18 is our all little charity doing little things for children less fortunate than my own. My daughter and I started this project up in July 2013 and since then have raised $20000, It was meant to be for two years, until Paige turned 18 however, since seeing the children several times over that period we can’t let them go now. We may not do much but what we do makes a difference to the children we help and that’s what keeps us going on our little projects.

Our first visit in 2013, we had a little party, they love punch balloons.

One of our favourite projects, which we created when we were there July last year and by far the one we are proudest of is Our Project Pushbike. We saw the difference it made to the first 5 children we bought the bikes for as they rode off home for their midday break before returning for afternoon classes, some children were walking up to 4 hours a day to get to and from school.

Our first 5 bikes which kick started our project pushbike on our last visit in 2015 read about it here

They were so excited choosing their bikes albeit still in shock

Anyway I could write about this for hours but for today this is what I am saying thank you for, shit my eyes are starting to leak I have got to get a grip of my emotions, helping two more little kiddlets from Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Sharon the Celebrant has just purchased two more bikes for two children in the Vung Tau community, we love that we can branch out from the two orphanages we support to also support the wee ones in the Vung Tau area who need it more.

Thank you again to all my gorgeous couples, see how a little tiny bit goes a long long way!

My angels Nhi, Mei and Ngoc on our first visit in 2013