Why the Bridal Bouquet?

There are many things written about the glorious and stunning flower bridal bouquet and the history that goes along with it, which I have always found fascinating, these traditions are old old old and you don't have to have them, but if you don't,  it just doesn’t feel like a wedding, so regardless of your budget it’s a no brainer you gotta have you some flowers.

Flowers  Make it Beautiful                   Image  Jenna Fahey White

Flowers Make it Beautiful                  Image Jenna Fahey White

Anyway, there are the boring versions of why the tradition of carrying the bridal bouquet came about, like it wards off evil spirits blah blah but my favourite step back in time reason the ladies carry a bridal bouquet, goes a little like this...

Many many years ago, 17th century years ago, women in the Northern hemisphere, only bathed once a year, and there was only so far a flannel and a little talc would get you, and that month was about the May/June mark, hence why so many weddings were held in June.

These massive bouquets were filled with herbs, spices and quite often garlic, this was to mask the  odour of our infrequent bather ergo our bride and bridal party because we didn't want our almost hubby running for the hills before the marriage begun. the massive bouquets, which are so en-trend at the moment, was placed on the wedding table and used during the wedding feast after the ceremony.

Floristry by  North St Botanical                     Image by  Alli Oughtred

Floristry by North St Botanical                    Image by Alli Oughtred

Flower crowns have been  a symbol of love, fertility and celebration throughout history and around the world, from the Greeks who honour the gods to Julius Ceaser as a form of victory and respect the Chinese culture wearing to symbolise fertility and hopefully bring children into the marriage. In this day and age it really is because they look so darn good.

Flower Crown and image by  Mary Mary Studio , who I had the honour of marrying this year,

Flower Crown and image by Mary Mary Studio, who I had the honour of marrying this year,

So why the flowers on the fella? I have no idea, perhaps it was in case the bride dropped hers and he had a back up plan right under his nose.

How to pop them on - See those two pins! use them both from behind the lapel thread one through the top and one through the bottom, and NOT at the botton hole, it looks ridiculous way up the place it an inch or two down from there, depending on your suit jacket of course, but the celebrant or photographer is always on hand to help out.

Buttonaires by  Flos Botanical Studio

Buttonaires by Flos Botanical Studio