Melbourne Celebrant to MC or is Emcee...

...whichever it's meant to be

Recently I had the honour of being asked to be MC for my flower girls wedding in March at the fabulous Encore.

It was recommended by the venue on one of their very first meetings, they should try and choose someone who knows them well, and instantly my friend of 36 years, her daughter (my flowergirl) and the groom to be, all said Aunty Shaz! Well I was touched beyond belief but I had never been a Master of Ceremonies before but hey I had never celebrant-ed before last year either and I love that, both telling stories, both sticking to a schedule, both are about getting to know your couple, both public speaking , so how hard could this gig be?

Well hats off to all MC's out there, WOW! What a job, firstly you are to remain reasonably sober all night, which I failed miserably at!

When it came to sending they newlyweds off and trying to get the leaving circle into some kind of order I may or may not have called the brides mum and dad up as the egg and sperm donor to get them in the perfect spot for departure, damn champagne! But when you ask 'THAT' Aunty to be MC at your wedding reception, let's face it every has one, I guess you know what you are letting yourself in for.

I went in with gusto with my writing, wanting to do them both proud. As Elyse and Ben were to be married in a church, that personal story telling park of their ceremony was missing so I created a mini version for the opening of their formalities but being a reception and not a wedding ceremony I was allowed my potty mind free reign.

It started off nice enough with a "once upon a time this was a little boy called Ben who met a little girl called Elyse...and it may have gone downhill from there really.

I write things as they flow out and there were some bits I didn't really think of the consequences such as

“So I conclude with

Mr and Mrs Walton Healy,

May your dreams be lived,

Your lives together long,

Your orgasms plentiful,

Your happiness forever and

Your children abundant"

With my flower girls very own flower girl asking her mummy what an orgasm was? Well a girl can never be too educated about the female orgasm as far as I'm concerned, so Mummy Lea, you're welcome.

As stressful, time consuming and nerve wracking as it was throughout the evening I wouldn't have changed it for the world, they chose me because they trusted that I would let my personality be what they have grown up with and to set the tone of the evening from the moment they entered the room as Mr and Mrs Whalton-Healy, we love each other crazy warts and all.

See I can be serious! Image by Catherine Forge

Would I MC again?

ABSOLUTELY! But only for those special people who know me and my humour and of those I know will trust I will give them everything my heart and big gob can give.

So for your MC, look into your family and  family friends to ask, someone who is happy and is reasonably good at public speaking,and knows you well, I believe it can make a difference to your evening, for me it was a very special role indeed.

Ben and Elyse thanks for honouring me with this giant task on your special day, it is a role I will never forget.

Image by Catherine Forge