Marriage Celebrant - how I arrived here

Apart from always loving a bride and romance it was totally by accident - it goes a little bit like this...

Three and a half years ago my almost-love (my absolute true love now) and I were heading to Daylesford for our first weekend away, about the halfway mark of our 1.5 hour journey we hit Woodend and see a gorgeous old pub holgate brew house and decide we need a snack and a glass of wine before part two of our drive.

Eleni (the almost-love) receives a phone call "did I just see you walk into a pub in Woodend?" from a Cathy "yes, we are in Woodend so you must have, come by and have a drink with us" Oh dear! one month in and on our first dirty weekend away and I'm meeting friends.

We are chat chat chatting away and as it turns out Cathy was on her way back from a rehearsal, thats why she was wearing her pearls, she says, she is now a marriage celebrant and that her husband comes along to her weddings as her "roadie" and that she absolutely loves it, and is really busy. The money Cathy and hubby earn pays for their holidays. Well as soon as the word holiday was thrown into the conversation Eleni pipes up "you have to do this honey, you would be perfect and we can use it for holidays" 

After our weekend away, yes it was absolutely wonderful for the record. I researched the industry, the courses available, other celebrants and so on. It was put on the back burner for the time being, although, it wasdiscussed regularly.

A year later I started the research all over again, I was definitely going to go through with it this time, the encouragement from absolutely everyone I had mentioned it to, was astounding, did I miss something at career guidance? Why did everyone think I would be so good at it? I'm still baffled actually.

"The clincher" I finally came across this fabulous, young, spunky & professional celebrant, Sally Hughes from Melbourne, I proceeded to social stalk her for awhile until I finally sent her a message introducing myself and any guidance she could offer would be so appreciated. Not only was the response quick, in detail and so incredibly positive Sally offered to mentor me. I was beside myself with excitment.

I went to watch one of her weddings at the Royal Botanical gardens in Melbourne and I have to say, at that point, I kind of chickened out of the idea, Sally was so wonderful to watch that I thought, how on earth could I ever do that? So on the back burner the idea went again, but only for a little while this time.

The following year was to be the year. I was booking into do the course, I was handing over my cash, I was going and I was on fire The Celebrants Training College here I come.

A smidgen more than a year later, including two extensions and two weddings booked in, I had finally finished my Certificate IV.

Then for the application for registration to the Attorney Generals Department process, that alone was no walk in the park, they don't hand out these registrations without you working damn hard for it I tell you!

A month after submitting my application I was appointed a COMMONWEALTH REGISTERED MARRIAGE CELEBRANT (yes I'm yelling), that was two months earlier than I expected.

The journey from beginning to end was three and a half years….with all the champagne and nail polishing, as seen in the below photos, no wonder I took so long, well I just want you to know I was very thorough in all of my assignment research and writing, application process and nail polishing.

PS. Over the three and a half year process the idea has turned into "lets do this for holidays" to wanting to make this my full-time career.

I honestly believe timing is the key to everything.

Love Sharon the Celebrant x

My First ceremony with the gorgeous Renata & Cam