Video by the talented Carlo from Lunar Red

Congratulations you're getting Married, Renewing your Vows or Commitment Ceremony (my same-sex gorgeous-ness it is just around the corner)

This is really exciting and my role as your celebrant, is to help guide you through the entire process and create an individual personalised ceremony that is a true reflection of you, using your words in your style, your way, ok it may have a little twist by me, I pretty much encourage your fun and crazy ideas.

Your ceremony will be anything you want it to be, keep the traditions or throw them away, start a fresh or blend the whole lot, either way, I love it all and am here to make it happen for you.

It is important that I get to know you as individuals and as a couple. You will tell me your love story, my favourite bit I might add, what you love about each other, what drives you crazy and what getting married or commiting  means to you, so be prepared for my questions.

On your magical day, I love that you will arrive as a couple in love, before me, your friends and your family and by the time we are finished you will depart as husband and wife…married… betrothed…united…mated…joined…hitched and in wedded commited bliss.

Let's have a no obligation catchup and see if we are the right fit for each other.

During our catch up I will go through all of the legals, if it is a wedding ceremony,  and then we will move onto the fun ceremony stuff, there is where I start to get to know you as a couple and I get to see a pretty good picture of how you wish your ceremony to look and how I can help you get exactly what you wish for and even more.

'pinky swear' Steph & Aidan Image by Karl Fergusson

I will be your calming force leading up to and most certainly on your big day. I will be there your entire journey sitting quietly or cheering from your sidelines, whichever and however much you want me to be involved.

Melissa & Andy -  Image by Alli Oughtred